About MAAP House

MAAP House: architect-designed, modular prefab environmentally-friendly flat pack homes and granny flats. 

They are high quality, cost-effective, built efficiently and modern looking.

Our unique MAAP Houses are designed and manufactured in our customised warehouse and then delivered to site - ready for construction by our specially licensed builders. 

MAAP House is cost effective

Our flat pack housing approach has all our panels built in a factory. This ensures a better finish and better quality with less waste and in less time. This makes it cheaper, faster and safer to build than the methods currently used.

MAAP House is superior in quality 

The materials that we use in our MAAP House are impact proof, waterproof and fireproof. The internal linings are painted with Dulux two part acrylic paint.

Standard items include:

  • Steel frame construction
  • 2.7m ceilings
  • Solid core Hume doors internally
  • AWS Vantage commercial windows

MAAP House is flexible

The best feature of a MAAP House is its flexibility. The panels come in set sizes. Using these sizes it is easy to set out any floor plan required. It will be possible to extend the house in the future in a cost effective manner, thanks to the modular nature of the home.

MAAP House is environmentally friendly

Producing MAAP House panels in a factory ensures negligible waste. 

The components of a MAAP House are fully recyclable.

The initial footprint of a MAAP House can be reduced due to the ease and minimal cost of future extensions - reducing initial resource usage, as well reducing the energy used for cooling, heating and lighting in the house.