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MAAP Open house earns high praise from visitors

On Sunday, September 11th, MAAP house opened its doors to the public for another open house - this time, as a part of the 2016 Sustainable House Day.
This gave us a great opportunity to focus on the impressive environmental credentials for our prototype house - but guests couldn't help but notice that the benefits go beyond sustainability!

We've captured some of the great feedback received below:

Great to see a sustainable home with so many economical and smart solutions within the Newcastle area. Best of luck! People will be silly to not get on board.
Smart build system, packages for houses are awesome! It would be a no brainer to use this type of build if you want it fast, sustainable and quality.
Great idea, done really well!
Good idea, very interesting
Absolutely LOVE the house. We would love to build this.
This house is fantastic in concept and execution. Exactly what I wanted to see...
Fantastic implementation of new tech in building. Great info from the guys here.