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Purchasing Land, then Building a Hybrid Modular, Flat-Pack House.

Buying land and building a house as a first time buyer or as an investment property can be satisfying as well as frustrating. There are many steps to take and decisions to make along the way. A MAAP House can provide you with a sustainable and modern home but land must be purchased first so your hybrid flat-pack house can be designed and constructed.



Price may be the driving force but if you do purchase land within your budget and in a desirable area, you still need to think about how the property and house will suit your needs. Can the house be on a slope which will means there will be stairs to climb? Is there room to build the required amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces needed? Is there more room for future extensions if your family needs change? Are there any issues of drainage or a high water table that must be accounted for? If possible, the site where your MAAP House is to be built will ideally be facing north to capture the sun’s natural energy throughout the seasons. Choosing a design, or designing your own MAAP House is a flexible and fluid process with only a few constraints of where you can place your bathroom and kitchen in the floor plan. A MAAP House is built on piers and can be delivered to a range of different types of blocks of land, so your needs and imagination is the key to your dream home and land.


Before you can purchase the land you have to organize your finances and speak to a range of banks and lending institutes. Keep in mind that banks and lenders are used to providing finance to houses that are built on site. Financing a modular prefabricated factory-built MAAP House which is then transported to site can appear to be challenging as banks and lending institutes only release funds when the house has been completed in stages. However, finance can be provided if the construction process is explained properly. Make clear to your bank or lender that a MAAP House is not a kit home, relocatable home, or mobile home. MAAP House is constructed in an alternative method, by licensed builders, and MAAP House clients still receive progress claims that the bank and lending institutes can work with.



Once you have found your dream piece of land and the money is ready to go, make an offer and start designing your modular prefabricated MAAP House. You will need a copy of the sale contract and pass this on to your conveyancer or solicitor who will work with you in terms of any serious issues with the land and they will arrange payments that need to be paid. The easiest way to find out what can be built on your block is to purchase a Section 149 Certificate. This certificate will let you know if a Complying Development is allowed or if a Development Application will need to be lodged. If, once you have purchased your land it is all getting a bit hard to sort through what is required please get in contact with us at MAAP House and we’ll be happy to help you with your house design and approval process.  


As we come to end of this year, buying land and designing and building a home, is still a dream for many families in Australia. MAAP House can provide a contemporary, sustainable home that can be built in a shorter time-frame than traditional builds and can be delivered to a diverse range of blocks of land.