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How A Modular Prefabricated House Survives a Heatwave!

summer heat

Australia has just endured one of the hottest summers on record. That is what the data shows- so to stay cool and comfortable in your home have you considered the way you could design and build? If all houses were well designed, adequately insulated and placed on its block to take advantage of passive heating and cooling like a MAAP House, we would all have houses that were easy to cool or heat; houses that result in more comfortable temperatures throughout the seasons. 

Keeping the Heat out

A MAAP House, which is a hybrid modular / flat pack house, is built with panels that are made from recyclable waste but are also insulated. The panels are used to build the wall, floors and roof so that means the entire house is insulated resulting in a house that maintains a constant temperature for longer. Heat is gained and lost mostly through windows so to compensate, MAAP House offers a double glazed window option to assist with the insulation of your home. 

Cool cross breezes

One way to stay cool is to sit and feel a cool breeze. You can actually create breezes in your home by simply manipulating the air flow. A cross breeze and good ventilation occurs by leaving a door open on one end of the house (the more cooler and shady end of the house) and creating an opening on the opposite end by leaving a window partly open. When designing where doors and windows go in your home, keep in mind the cool breezes you could create! MAAP Houses have louvre windows as a standard option and door panels that simply slot in where you want them to. The flat pack system allows us to place windows and doors where required.  

Solar energy

Solar panels are now being used more frequently to pass the BASIX requirements and the energy ratings that new builds require. MAAP House prides itself on being a sustainable building company and solar panels and solar hot water systems are included in the site cost of every house. MAAP House realises that every house design is different and every site is unique so MAAP house takes this into consideration when helping to design your house.

Comfortable and Efficient

An affordable and comfortable house is a popular desire. When you have the inclusion of insulated panels, and the flexibility of design with the placement of your doors and windows to create cross breezes, this helps to create a cooler home in the summer and a warmer home in the winter. A prefabricated modular/flat pack house is adaptable to most sites and could sit quite comfortably in a valley or on a hill; wherever you want to soak in some rays or stay in the shade.