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MAAP House Panels: How a Hybrid Modular Flat Pack, Prefabricated System Works.

Creating a smaller carbon footprint and being innovative in the building industry is what MAAP House is all about.  MAAP House, which delivers a hybrid system of modular / flat pack houses, is a company that builds houses made up of panels that construct not just the walls but also the floors of a house. The panels are eco-friendly and fireproof/water-resistant and insulated. Now that is a panel that is worth talking about as using MAAP House panels are an economically viable way of building too.


MAAP House panels are a sheet product called MGO boards. They are made up of recyclable waste material and are made from magnesium oxide and other materials. They are compressed into the standard size of 2.7m high by 1.2m wide. The panels are built in a factory and are sealed and painted before being delivered to a site. This means that not only are the panels being made out of waste product that can be recycled at the end of the house’s life but when building a house, there is minimal waste product to place into a skip bin. The minimal waste comes from the fact that we are producing in a factory compared to on site. On site construction it is too expensive to transport any leftover materials to another site. In a factory we keep them to be used in the next house. So the panels are made from waste and produce little waste during the building process. This creates a smaller carbon footprint as there is no carbon-heavy materials being used like concrete or bricks. The panels are simply able to be flat packed and delivered to site on racks on the back of a truck.


MAAP House panels are insulated by traditional insulation methods. This insulation  means that a MAAP House will be able to maintain a constant temperature inside the house using less energy regardless of the variable weather conditions outside. Also, in Australia, we have a high risk of bush fires in many of our suburban areas as well as our regional areas. MAAP House panels are fire rated for FZ (flame zone) requirements for bush fire hazards. This is equivalent to a 60-60-60 fire rated wall or 1 hour fire rated wall. They are also water resistant therefore if they were to be inundated by a flood the panels will be unaffected and not require replacement. Using MAAP House panels means that the timeframe to build  a house not site is approximately only two to six weeks, so the quick rebuild time will ensure areas devastated by fire or floods can be rebuilt quickly if modular prefab houses are used.  


MAAP House panels slot together to make the floors and walls  of a modular flat pack, prefabricated house. These panels are all a set size and designing a home involves simply setting out the number of panels one requires to create living and sleeping areas. The panels also come in window and door panels which means that there is no cutting out of windows or architraves or skirting needed to finish the walls. With any unique house design, one can simply insert a window or door panel where needed or wanted and the wall panels to make up the final look. Building with the same size customized panels and joining them in different configurations allows a freedom to design any style or size desired. The MAAP House hybrid system means that panels and modules are used and this allows not only for design options but also delivery to be made to most sites conveniently.

MAAP House panels are innovative, eco-friendly and adaptable to all weather conditions. The material used in panels has many advantages over traditional materials and the panels are versatile in their use and design. The new way to build is with MAAP House panels to create your own modular prefabricated house.