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The Three Top Ways to Personalise your Hybrid Modular Prefabricated House

A modular prefabricated house is built in a factory with standard floor, wall and roof panels but this does not mean that your home will not be unique. There is a large range of feature panels, different materials like timber screens and floor to ceiling glass sliding doors which can be included to transform a MAAP House into a design that suits all needs.


MAAP House is a hybrid system of building which includes modules and pods that slot together to create large or small living spaces, well-lit and ventilated spaces or outdoor decks and enclosed rooms. The wall panels work with door and window panels to complete the design for each room. A common feature in contemporary Australian homes is glass sliding doors. This feature allows for the outdoors to be part of the indoors. The opening of a section of the house in the summer allows for a cool breeze to flow through the house and in the winter for sunlight to filter through. Large sections of glass also allow an uninterrupted view of the environment surrounding the house. A hybrid modular prefab house can also enjoy this feature as the glass sliding doors panel is the newest addition to the MAAP House factory built panels. The uniqueness of a MAAP House glass sliding door panel is its size. It is a floor to ceiling glass sliding door panel and considering the standard size of MAAP House panels are 2.7m in height, it means it is a large space of glass. It will give an outstanding architecture feel. If you want a view but not a sliding door then a simple glass panel can be part of your MAAP House design too.


Even though the standard MAAP House panels come painted white, doesn’t mean that you can’t mix and match if there is a part of the house that you want to stand out. There are feature panels that are available for floors or walls that will create a different vibe or feel. To create coloured panels, the prefabricated panels are painted with an oxidized copper paint.  An entry way could contain floor panels that create a vibe of cool freshness if swirls of blue and green are chosen and a living room could appear funky and modern if black and red painted panels are included to a section of the room. Wallpaper is always an option too. The standard panels of the hybrid modular prefabricated house alongside feature panels creates a personal finish and can be used to make areas stand out.


If you want your house to not have the same panels repeatedly used throughout, try using some different materials to create a different look. Recycled timber screens internally can be used to custom design a feature wall or space. Wooden slats work best in allowing a space to be divided but not closed off and the timber work can become an artwork in its own right! Steel structural posts are used throughout as part of the construction of a hybrid modular prefabricated house. Take advantage of the different material and paint the steel posts a complimentary colour to the décor of the room and this will make the steel posts a feature of the room, rather than just a construction element. And of course the rooms are a blank canvas with their precisely arranged 1.2 x2.7m standard panels. Throw down some woolen rugs on the floor and use natural fibres as curtains to create a warm and organic feel. The exterior of the house can also contain feature materials as sub-floor screens are available to place on the base of the house. These steel screens come in a variety of screen patterns and can be used to cover the piers and enclose the area under the floor to the ground level.

Your MAAP House design is limitless. There are the standard panels to work with to build the house but different materials, like wood and steel and glass, as well as different colours will make your MAAP house unique and personalised.