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Women's refuge, ready to make a difference today

Whilst MAAP House has been designed to provide long term community benefits, it’s an absolute privilege to be able to help give a more instant benefit to people who need it most in the Port Stephens area.

MAAP House is proud to have been selected to build three customised houses for emergency accommodation for women in need.

MAAP House founder, Daniel Reitsma, believes this project embodies what his company is all about. “We’re proud of every MAAP House we’ve constructed, and what they contribute to the occupants, the community and the environment - but this is really something else. To know the difference this accommodation will make to women and families in need is especially rewarding.”

A contact person for the women's refuge shared these comments:

"Unless you have been in the situation you could not possibly imagine the pain of coming to a service and having to tell someone you are homeless. Then to have that person tell you there is a beautiful fully self-contained unit available for you to move into, this brings such relief and joy."

"Suddenly their life changes and they have actually copped a break, sometimes for the very first time ever."

"These units change women’s lives, they now have an opportunity to get the support they need, to de-stress and relax in a safe environment."