The Fingal MAAP House 01.04

Women's refuge - emergency respite care accommodation

MAAP House was proud to be involved with this project by supplying and installing 3 customised "Fingal" MAAP Houses.

A contact person for the women's refuge shared these comments:

"Unless you have been in the situation you could not possibly imagine the pain of coming to a service and having to tell someone you are homeless. Then to have that person tell you there is a beautiful fully self-contained unit available for you to move into, this brings such relief and joy."

"Suddenly their life changes and they have actually copped a break, sometimes for the very first time ever."

"These units change women’s lives, they now have an opportunity to get the support they need, to de-stress and relax in a safe environment."

We'd like to thank Sally Dunwell Photography for the internal photos of the units.

The Clovelly MAAP House 01.01

This granny flat MAAP House is based on the Clovelly design, but customised to meet the client's needs.

Nestled amongst the trees, this modular granny flat has been built on stilts to take full advantage of water views, and avoid the risks around being in a flood zone.


The Merewether MAAP House 03.01

This project was our prototype, a modern spacious home with good ventilation and generous eaves.  It is our Merewether MAAP House 03.01 floor plan and has the premium package inclusions as well as all of our current extra features that we have available.