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Our revolutionary flat-pack housing solution was guaranteed to attract some attention - here are some of the latest publications looking into our solution.

Sanctuary Magazine features MAAP House as a Modular & Prefab Home!

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MAAP House is a subscriber to Sanctuary Magazine and respects its commitment to researching and writing about modern green homes and focusing on modular and prefab homes. The autumn issue of 2018 featured an exclusive section dedicated to modular and prefab homes and MAAP House was featured alongside a number of great companies that also design and construct innovative eco houses. It was a privilege to be included and to be compared in terms of building type, materials, cost per square metre and time to lockup. The article was clear in its facts about MAAP House and also about our vision.


"MAAP House aims to provide contemporary, high quality finished homes that can be built on any Australian house site. It uses a hybrid flat-pack modular system which it says is able to satisfy the broadest range of needs and accommodation aspect, budget and flexibility in floor plan designs and options. The main benefits of this hybrid system is that house designs can remain flexible during the initial design process." pg.61 Sanctuary Magazine Issue 42, Autumn 2018.

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the Ports Stephens Examiner - A MAAP House Eco Cabin in Gloucester

MAAP House is proud to have been involved in the building of the environmentally friendly cabin that has been placed on The Ridge at Gloucester. As the newspaper article states: 

"The Eco-Cabin design is a result of  collaboration between the Buckleys and award-winning Bulahdelah builder Daniel Reistma of MAAP House, utilising the revolutionary MAAP  (Modular Architectural Adaptable Panel) construction method developed by Mr Reitsma and architect Edward Duc.

Each Eco-Cabin is built according to ecologically sustainable design principles, incorporating energy efficiency,   passive solar design and fully insulated delivering luxury boutique accommodation with low environmental impact."

Access to the site was difficult but there are awesome views and the prefabricated modular hybrid system was able to cater to the client's needs.  

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Abode renovations - Sustainability, Affordability



Hybrid, modular systems are the way of the future when it comes to building and renovating.

As the licensed builder of MAAP House, EF Building Solutions was awarded both the Newcastle Master Builders Association 2017 Excellence In Building Award for 'Energy Efficiency & Environmental Sustainability' and the NSW Master Builders Association 2017 Excellence in Housing Award for 'Affordable Housing'.

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Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow

MAAP House is one of the 200 Businesses of Tomorrow! The Australian Financial Review reported on Westpac backing the next generation of Australian businesses on Friday 7 April. MAAP House Director, Daniel Reitsma, attended the gathering at a summit in Sydney on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 April and was able to network with other businesses of the future who are, " to thrive because they have strong leadership teams with the right mindset and they understand their customers' needs," said Lyn Cobley, Chief Executive of Westpac's Institutional Bank. MAAP House is proud to be part of this prestigious selection of businesses. David Lindberg, Chief executive of Westpac's Business Bank, stated, "...all the chosen businesses have demonstrated the clarity of vision, strength of character and excellence in capability to shape Australia's future."  

Hunter Business Review - Local sustainable, hybrid modular- flat pack house


In an Australian and world first, Hunter/Mid North Coast builder Daniel Reitsma has launched MAAP House, a company committed to providing sustainable, environmentally friendly, architecturally designed, hybrid modular - flat pack houses that can be constructed on site in a matter of weeks.

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Newcastle Herald - Sustainable housing is a key part of a healthy planet


The term sustainability is increasingly being used to describe positive and negative actions and behaviour of Australians for their use of energy. 

An important role in sustainability is played by housing, where, while considerations of energy use are important, issues of sustainability also include cost (affordability) and time (productivity). 

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Great Lakes Advocate - A house designed like Lego

It only took eight weeks to build, but a Bulahdelah builder has combined his passion for sustainability with his practical know-how, partnering with an architect’s dream to bring a ‘flat pack’ house to fruition.

Builder Daniel Reitsma and architect Edward Duc have come up with what they call the MAAP House – an innovative approach to building using a hybrid of both kit and modular building systems. 

“I explain it to people that it’s like building with Lego. You can have any shape and size of house you want,” Daniel said. 

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Eco News - MAAP House sustainable answer to greater home ownership

By David Twomey 

The Modular Architectural Adaptable Panel home is certainly a bit of a mouthful so we will just call it MAAP, but it’s also a sustainable, environmentally friendly, architecturally designed, pre-fabricated modular houses that can be constructed on site in a matter of weeks.

And it’s been developed right here in Australia, in the Hunter region of New South Wales actually, by builder Daniel Reitsma and architect Edward Duc.

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ABC News - Could flat pack homes be the answer to Australia's affordable housing crisis?

MON JUL 25 2016

An affordable flat pack house that can be built in four weeks could revolutionise the housing industry, according to its designers.

The house is designed and manufactured by Daniel Reitsma and Edward Duc from the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

The pair claims the hybrid pre-fabricated modular house near Maitland is a world-first.

The house prototype was built at Woodberry by a local factory.

It is called the Modular Architectural Adaptable Panel (MAAP) House.

"It's a flat pack house, like building with Lego. If you use the same sized pieces you can build what you want," Mr Reitsma said.

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